Expense summary

The Data Definition of the workbench shows a summary of the expenses in the application. Icons for each type of expense and for each fiscal period shows you the state of allocation records.

Table 1. Icons on the expense summary
Icon Description
The X icon Records do not exist.
The checkmark icon Records lines exist.
Cost lines analysis hyperlink icon Record lines exist. Hyperlink to the Cost Lines Analysis page.
An empty exclamation point icon Records changed since allocations were last generated.
Filled exclamation point Errors occurred when the application was running allocations. If you see this icon, verify all your settings in the workbench and run the allocations again.
Table 2. The Expense Summary section
Label Description
Period Each period in the fiscal calendar.
Staged If records are in the General Ledger Staged Data [itfm_gl_data_staged] table.
Cleansed If records are in the General Ledger Cleansed Data [itfm_gl_data_cleansed] table.
Groomed If records are in the Groomed General Ledger Data [itfm_gl_data_groomed] table.
Lines If records are in the Cost Allocation [itfm_cost_allocation] table.