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Application landscape dashboard

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Application landscape dashboard

Application Portfolio Management provides out-of-the-box reports in the application landscape PA dashboard. You can configure additional reports using the dashboards as per your requirements.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_user

You must have the System Plugin, Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Application Portfolio Management (, activated to use the Application landscape dashboard.

About this task

The applications landscape provides an overall view of the enterprise-wide applications. You can view the:

  • Top 10 applications actively used, grouped by application category, application family, and so on.
  • Applications grouped based on install type, platform, application category, manufacturer, technology stack, and so on.
  • Details of number of applications by category versus the manufacturer details.
  • Number of applications by application category versus the age of the applications.


Navigate to Application Portfolio > Application Classification > Application Landscape.

On the right, there are filters to modify the data and generate charts based on portfolio, application category, install type, application type, business process, and so on.

Each of these charts in the landscape view has a Chart context menu, which helps you to save the chart in a jpeg or png format.