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Application score profile

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Application score profile

Application score profile is a consolidation of indicators and their weightages.

For each indicator, the related data is retrieved based on the frequency set at the indicator definition stage and this data is captured as application weight in apm_app_indicator_score. The Target maximum and Target minimum that are set while creating an application indicator are used as maximum and minimum application weight.

The normalized value of the application score, which is measured on a scale of 1–10, is derived based on the following formula:

(Application Weight - Minimum Application Weight)/(Maximum Application Weight - Minimum
      Application weight) * 9+1

If the Target maximum and Target minimum are not set, then the maximum value within the range of applications is taken as the Target maximum value. Similarly, the minimum value within the range of applications is taken as the Target minimum value.

Application Weight that is lesser than or equal to Target minimum is given the least score, that is, 1.

Application Weight that is greater than or equal to Target maximum is given the maximum score, that is, 10.

If the Direction in the indicator is Minimize:

(10 - above calculated Normalized value)

Application profile weightage is then applied on the Normalized value to derive the Indicator Score:

Normalized Value * Weightage as in application score profile %

Once the indicator score is calculated for each of the indicators, the Application score is calculated by summing up all the indicator scores used in the profile.

Figure 1. Sample application score