Create a profile type - Legacy

Profile types are similar to a category in that they group like profiles together. However, profile types are more powerful than categories, because business logic automates the identification of all potential profiles in the system that meet the profile type conditions.

  1. Navigate to Risk > Profile Types > Create New.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the Profile Type form using the following table.
    Table 1. Fields on the Profile Type form
    Name Description
    Name* Sets the name of the Profile Type.
    Table* Select the table from which the Profile Type conditions identify the records to create profiles.
    Owner field* Select the field on the table which contains an owner. For all profiles created, the owner of the profile is set based on the field selected here, regardless of whether or not it is the true owner of the entity. For example, if the profile is for an asset, the owner might be set to the asset manager instead of the owner using the asset.
    Empty owner Determines the appropriate action if the owner field on the table is empty. The following choices are available.
    • Create—creates a profile with an empty owner field.
    • Do Not Create—does not create a profile for a record that does not have an owner specified in the owner field.
    • Use Default—creates a profile assigned to the user identified as the default owner.
    Default Owner* Only available if the Empty owner field is set to Use Default. Select the owner that should be assigned to Profiles that have an empty Owner field.
    Condition Set filter conditions to restrict which profiles belong to a specific profile type.
    Description Sets an explanation of the Profile Type with any additional information about the Profile Type that a user may find helpful.
    Note: * indicates a mandatory field.
  4. Click Submit.