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Approve a UCF document request - Legacy

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Approve a UCF document request - Legacy

By default, UCF authority documents selected for import or update require approval before GRC can move the data into the appropriate tables.

About this task

When an administrator submits a UCF document request, the system sends email notifications to all members of the GRC Approvers group and creates an approval task. Only one member of the group is required to approve or reject a UCF request. The GRC Approvers group contains members with the grc_admin or grc_executive_approver role.

When a request is approved, the system updates GRC appropriately. Depending on the size of the UCF document, this process can take several minutes. The system notifies the requester by email when the update is complete, and the data is ready for use. If the update request is rejected, the system sends the notification immediately.

A system property determines whether or not an approval is required for UCF imports. Navigate to GRC > Administration > Properties and locate the property named Automatically approve all GRC update requests. By default, this property is set to require approvals. To make approvals automatic for all requested UCF imports, select the Yes check box.

Note: The download process overwrites all UCF documents in the staging tables, including those awaiting approval. For this reason, the system prevents you from downloading new versions of UCF authority documents either manually or automatically if you have pending approval requests for GRC updates. To proceed, you must approve or reject all pending requests before the system can download new authority documents.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > My Approvals.

    The list contains approval requests in any state that are assigned to your group.

  2. To approve or reject multiple requests, you can edit the State column in the list.
    UCF document approval list
  3. To process a single UCF update requests, open the record and review the details.
    UCF approval request form
  4. Click Approve or Reject.

    When you approve a request, the approval workflow sends an email to the requester describing the action taken on the request. By default, all approved UCF control documents are imported into GRC in an active state, ready for use. Depending on the size of the documents selected, the import process can take several minutes. The system moves the selected data from the UCF tables to the appropriate GRC tables as shown here.

    Table 1. Table mapping
    UCF Table GRC Table
    UCF Authority Document [ucf_authority_document] Authoritative Source [grc_authoritative_source]
    UCF Citation Mapping [ucf_citation_mapping] Authoritative Source Content [grc_authoritative_src_content]
    UCF Control [ucf_control] Control [grc_control]