Script includes installed with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) - Legacy

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) adds the following script includes.

Table 1. Script Includes
Name Description
AuthSourceProcessor Generates a hierarchy of citations and relationships in the Policy [grc_policy] and Control [grc_control]] tables.
ControlTestCreate Creates records in the Control Test [grc_control_test] table and related support data in the Control Test Definition [grc_control_test_definition] table (extension of sysauto_script).
GRCControlAppliesToTableSetter Displays results in an array of table names defined in the com.snc.governance.control_applies_to_tables property, which limits the list to those tables available in the Applies to field on the Control form.
GRCSurveySubmit Handles submission of the survey creation form from an GRC control test definition.
GRCUpdater Handles the update process for GRC from the UCF staging tables.
JSON Parser Parses a JSON string to a Javascript object.
SetGRCRiskApproach Handles the setting of the risk approach and the resulting risk calculation.
SetObservationItemTables Called by the tableChoicesScript attribute on the grc_observation_affected_item.table field.
UCFDownloader Downloads UCF content into staging tables.
VersionControlHelper Manages versions for certain GRC objects.