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Add a control to a risk

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Add a control to a risk

Controls are added to risks for the on-going review of processes.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_risk.admin and sn_risk.manager


  1. Navigate to Risk > Risk Register > All Risks
  2. Open the risk record.
  3. Continue with one of the following options.
    Add an existing control
    1. In the Controls related list, click Add.
    2. Select the controls that are associated with the risk profile.
    3. Click Add relationship.
    Note: The controls displayed after clicking the Add relationship button are limited to controls that have the same profile as the current risk. If there are no eligible controls that can be related to the risk, the Add button is not displayed on the Controls related list.
    Add a new control
    1. In the Controls Related List, click New.
    2. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    3. Click Submit.