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Source a part and assign an agent

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Source a part and assign an agent

The work order sourcing option is useful when you want to assign a work order task to agents who already have the required parts in their stockroom or to a specific agent who needs you to obtain the parts for them.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_agent, wm_qualifier, wm_dispatcher, wm_admin, or qualifier combination role

About this task

The sourcing option shows the full list of tasks and part requirements to source for a work order or task. For each task, the agents and stockrooms that have the required parts are listed. Also, the skills and parts required for each task are displayed. Select an agent to see if the agent has the skills and parts required for the task. The time slots during which the agent is available within the work order window are shown to help you schedule task work efficiently.


  1. Navigate to Field Service > Work Order > All Work Orders.
  2. Open a work order.
  3. Open a work order task that is not in Closed or Cancelled state.
  4. Click Source.
  5. In the Source Work Order list, click a work order task.
    Figure 1. Work Order Task Sourcing screen
    Work order task sourcing screen

    The Agent field under Agent info is populated automatically based on information provided in the work order task.

  6. To specify a different agent, click the reference lookup icon (Icon reference lookup).

    Only agents that meet the criteria in the work order task are available for selection. The system populates the Skills and Parts fields automatically, based on the agent specified. If a not available icon (Not available icon) appears next to a part, the specified agent either does not have the part or does not have enough units of the part to complete the task.

  7. Point to the icon to obtain information about how many units of the part are needed and how many units the agent has in their stockroom.
  8. To filter agents and reserve parts, click the arrow next to Agent info to expand the section.
    Figure 2. Expanded sourcing screen
    Expanded sourcing screen
    • Select the skills and parts options to filter the agents.
    • Select Reserve parts in agent stockroom to reserve parts located in the specified agent's stockroom. This automatically sources the parts already present.
    Figure 3. Filter agents
    Filter agents
  9. In the Date field, select the date on which the work should take place.

    If the agent is available on the date specified, the Assign button appears in the Schedule field.

  10. If necessary, you can update the Scheduled start and Scheduled end fields in the Task info section.
    • If you change the Scheduled start and Scheduled end fields in the Part Requirements section at the top of the screen, the corresponding fields in Task info are also changed. If you make changes to the fields in the Task info section, the corresponding fields in the Part Requirements section are not changed.
    • Any edits to the Estimated travel duration, Estimated work duration, or Scheduled start time fields on the Task form appear automatically in Task info.
  11. Click Assign.
  12. To revert your changes to Agent Info, click Refresh.

    You cannot use Refresh after you have saved the record.

  13. Click Save.

    The agent is not assigned until you save the record.

  14. Source any parts the specified agent does not yet have reserved. In the left pane, select a part from the list of part requirements under the task.
    Figure 4. Source part
    Source part
  15. Click Source Part and complete the transfer order.