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Create dependencies between work order tasks

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Create dependencies between work order tasks

If a work order contains multiple tasks, you can create dependencies between the tasks that determine the order in which tasks are performed.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_qualifier or qualifier combination role

About this task

These dependencies set and enforce the order in which a single agent or multiple agents perform the tasks. For example, on a work order for a new server, one agent might install the server, the upstream task, and a different agent might configure the server after installation is complete, the downstream task.

You can specify multiple dependencies, both upstream and downstream, for a single task. The system prevents circular relationships where two tasks are dependent on each other by considering all upstream dependencies when deciding if a task can be auto-assigned.
  • Setting a work order task as an upstream task means that this task must be completed before any downstream tasks can be started.
  • Setting a work order task as a downstream task means that this task cannot be started until any upstream tasks have been completed.
Note: Dependencies can only be set for work order tasks in the Draft state.


  1. Navigate to a work order.
  2. Open a work order task in the Draft state.
  3. In the Depends on related list, click New.
  4. Select either Upstream task or Downstream task.
    Only tasks for the same work order are listed.
  5. Click Submit.