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Qualify work orders

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Qualify work orders

Work orders are qualified to create and assign the work order tasks.

In the Field Service Management application, a user with the wm_qualifier role selects the dispatch group, adds work order tasks, and defines part requirements. The property controls whether the choice list of available dispatch groups is filtered by proximity to the task location.

The qualifier can add the Affected CI, Short description, and Description to a work order if the initiator did not provide complete information. Qualification can be manual or automatic. You can configure the Field Service Management application to promote the work order from Draft directly to Qualified without the qualification stage. When you are using manual qualification, a work order cannot advance to the Qualified state until all of its tasks are qualified.

Note: To activate the qualifying phase of the Field Service Management workflow, you must enable the Qualification is required for new requests configuration option in Field Service > Administration > Configuration.