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Knowledge contextual search

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Knowledge contextual search

Additional plugin that extends the Contextual Search feature by adding the ability to filter search results based on dynamic values.

This plugin allows you to define filters to improve search results. For example, Articles can be dynamically matched to Case (based on the Product value) so that search results contain only those articles related to that case.

In this scenario, an end user typically has an issue on a Product (or configuration item), when creating a Case (as does the agent when resolving the Case). Since the Product is usually assigned to the Case (or task), as well as to the knowledge Article, this allows the dynamic match between Article and Case through filtering.

Administrators can configure these filters on each search resource (Knowledge, Social Q&A, for example) using either simple mapping or script-based filters. The filters can be applied to either Table Configuration (agent-facing form-based UI), or Record Producer (end user portal-based UI).


Knowledge contextual search is available for use with the Customer Service Management application and requires the following plugins:
  • Customer Service Management (com.sn_customerservice)
  • Knowledge Management V3 (com.snc.knowledge3)


The knowledge contextual search feature adds the following tables.
Table Description
Table Filter Configuration


Filters created for table configurations.
Table Filter Mapping Configuration


Filter mappings created for table filter configurations.
Record Producer Filter Configuration


Filters created for record producer configurations.
Record Producer Filter Mapping Configuration


Filter mappings created for record producer filter configurations.