Review a preview record for an update set

The process of previewing an update set creates a preview record for each update. You can review the preview records to make sure that the correct updates are being committed.

  1. Open the update set record and preview the update set.
  2. Click the Show All Preview Records related link.
  3. Click the Disposition to open a preview record and then review the information (see table).
  4. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Update Set Preview record
    Table 1. Update Set Preview
    Field Description
    Disposition Indicates when a collision is detected:
    • Collision/Update, Collision/Insert, or Collision/Delete: the change is older than a change to the same object on the local instance.
    • Update, Insert, or Delete: the change does not conflict with a change on the local instance.
    File differences Compares the most recent version of the object on the local instance with the version in the update set. Differences are marked with a color key. Deletions are highlighted in red, additions in green, and modifications in yellow.
    Proposed action Indicates how to handle the change when the update set is committed.
    • Commit: Accept the change in the remote update. The default proposed action for every preview record is Commit, even if a newer update exists on the instance.
    • Skip: Reject the change.
  5. If necessary, resolve any problems listed in the Update Problems related list.
  6. In the Proposed action field, select the action to take when committing the update set.
  7. Click Update to save the action.
  8. Repeat the process for every preview record.