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Test Log record

Test Log record

The Test Log record contains console logging and test execution information for steps in a test result.

Table 1. Fields
Field / Element Description
Start Time The time this step or log entry started.
Status The result of the test or suite execution:
  • success - test or suite passed
  • failure - test or suite failed
  • waiting - test or suite is waited to start
  • running - test or suite is running
  • skipped - occurs if an earlier test in the suite failed and Abort on failure is set to true.
  • error - an error occurred in the test framework, for example, the test runner halted or the server encountered an unintended scenario
  • canceled - user canceled the test or suite
Output For a Step Result, the console logging and test execution outputs from the step, including any explanation why a step failed or was skipped.

For a Client Log, the log entry.

Description For a Step Result, the actions performed. For a Client Log, blank.
Recorded at The time at which this step or log entry was recorded.