Post a message to a record feed

  1. Open the record feed in one of the following ways:
    • From your homepage (must already be following the record)
    • As a team in live feed (must already be following the record)
    • From My Live Feed (must already be following the record)
    • From the Live Feed pop-up window
    • From the Live Feed tab on the activity formatter
    • Click the Show Live Feed button () in the form header.
  2. Compose the message and add images and links.
  3. [My Live Feed only] In the To list, select the record where you want to post the message.
  4. [Optional] Select the Work Notes check box to post the message as a work note. Only users with access to work notes on the record can post and see work notes. This option is only available for records that have a journal field.
  5. Click Post.
    Note: If the record has journal fields for comments or work notes, your message is automatically added to the appropriate field on the record. If the record has a standard text field for comments on the activity formatter, each live post overwrites the field value. Comments added through live feed start with #LiveFeed on the activity formatter.