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MID Server external connectivity requirements

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MID Server external connectivity requirements

The requirements in this page are specifically for the use of MID Servers with the ServiceNow Discovery and Orchestration products.

The MID Server communicates securely on port 443 to the instance and requires no inbound connections. In some cases, it might be necessary to allow this communication through the firewall if the MID Server fails to register on the instance. To determine if the application or a network security restriction is to blame for connection failure, attempt to telnet to the instance on port 443 from the server that is hosting the MID Server application. If this connection fails, then the problem could be a web proxy (since 443 is a https connection) or a Firewall rule preventing external TCP connections from that host. Contact network security personnel for the proxy information to add to the config.xml file, or request that the firewall be configured to allow access using one of the following syntax:
  • <source IP> to <any>
  • <source IP> to <ServiceNow> any established
  • <source IP> to <> 443

Additionally, ensure the MID Server can connect to to download and install updates.