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MID Server upgrades

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MID Server upgrades

The MID Server is upgraded automatically when you upgrade the instance. However, you can configure the version number to control MID Server upgrades.

The MID Server is configured to check with the ServiceNow instance hourly to determine whether it needs to upgrade. This configurable behavior allows the MID Server to upgrade automatically when the instance upgrades. The system that hosts the MID Server must be able to access one of these URLs to automatically upgrade:
  • HTTPS: on the default HTTPS port (443)
  • HTTP: on the default HTTPS port (80)
Note: In versions prior to Eureka, the MID Server upgrade URL was only available on the default HTTP port (80).

Upgrade error messages

The MID Server can display the following upgrade error messages.

Table 1. Upgrade error messages
Message Description
Unable to refresh packages The MID Server displays this message as a generic error when the error is not handled by a defined error message.
Failed to query instance for MID Server buildstamp Instance is offline or there is a major version mismatch between the MID Server and the instance.
Not a valid package buildstamp InstanceInfo returned an assigned buildstamp that was not in the correct format, such as a version mismatch.