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IP service affinity for Discovery and Orchestration

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IP service affinity for Discovery and Orchestration

IP Service affinity saves the IP service information that is used to successfully find a device and associates it with the IP address of the device.

Using this information, Discovery can target the device in subsequent runs with the accurate protocol.

Discovery records the IP Service along with the IP address.

Discovery can store the successful IP service information in the IP Service Affinity table [ip_service_affinity].

A network device has both an SSH port and an SNMP port open. By its agentless design, Discovery tries SSH first. However, network devices should be discovered through SNMP. Discovery tries the SSH probe and it fails. This triggers the SNMP probe, which succeeds. With the association between the IP address and the IP service, subsequent discovery runs that target this IP address use SNMP first, because that is the probe that succeeded.