Display baseline differences

You can see the changes that have been made to a CI or any first level related CIs by configuring the CI form layout to display the CMDB Baseline diff field. This field is labeled Baseline differences on the form.

  1. Open a CI record.
  2. Select the baseline you want to see for this CI from the choice list.
    The field displays the details of any changes that were made to the current record for the selected baseline, or indicates that no changes were made.
    Figure 1. Details of baseline differences
    Baseline differences
  3. To add a relationship to the CI, click the green plus icon in the Related Items toolbar.
    The new relationship appears below the toolbar. For more information about the Related Items toolbar and how to control the display, see CI relations formatter.
  4. Update a related CI and see the changes displayed as Basic attribute changes in the current CI record.
    Figure 2. Basic Attribute Changes