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Create a portal header menu

Create a portal header menu

Create a menu with menu items to display in the header of a portal.


  1. In the Service Portal configuration page (Service Portal > Service Portal Configuration), navigate to Portal Tables > Instance with Menu and click New.
  2. Complete the fields in the menu form.
    Table 1. Menu fields
    Field Description
    Title Name of the header menu. You need to know this when you associate the menu with your portal.
    Additional options, JSON format Advanced configuration options. For example, use this field to enable the shopping cart in the header menu with the following code:
    	"enable_cart": {
    		"displayValue": "true",
    		"value": true
    Application The record scope. The header menu record and the source table must have the same application scope.
    Widget The widget that the header menu is based on. Select a menu-type widget from the list. For example, the header menu widget that is included as a base system widget.
  3. Save the form, and then click Menu Items from the related lists.
  4. Click New and complete the menu item form.
    Table 2. Menu item fields
    Field Description
    Label Name that appears for the item in the menu
    Parent menu This field should already contain the name of the menu you are adding items to. You can change the value as needed to other menus
    Parent menu item Use this field to nest menu items within other menu items
    Order Value that determines where the item appears in the menu in relation to other menu items
    Type The kind of page the item links to. For example, you can link to another page in the portal, or an external URL. Form fields vary depending on the option you select from this list. Select Scripted list for more advanced options.
    Page Name of the portal page the item links to. This option is available if you select Page as the menu item type.
    Condition Determines what conditions are required for menu items to show in the header. For example, the condition gs.hasRole("sp_admin") restricts access to menu items to users with the sp_admin role. Hide a menu item by setting this value to false. For more information on what conditions to use in the Condition field, see Create a UI Action .
    Glyph Icon that appears beside the menu item

What to do next

Associate the menu you created with a portal, then create a header with a theme for your menu.

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