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Notify Client - Client(Object notifyConfig)

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Notify Client - Client(Object notifyConfig)

Instantiate a new Notify WebRTC Client object.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
notifyConfig Object The configuration settings for the Notify WebRTC Client, as a JSON object.

var notifyConfig = {
    vendor: SNC.Notify.Vendor.TWILIO,
    callerId: 'xyz',
    autoReconnect: true,
    onReady: function() {},
    onOffline: function() {},
    onError: function( message ) {},
    onConnect: function( status ) {},
    onDisconnect: function() {},
    onIncoming: function( {from, to, callSid} ) {},
    onOutgoing: function( callSid ) {},
    onAccept: function() {},
    onMute: function() {},
    onUnmute: function() {},
    onCancel: function() {}

$j(function() {
    notifyClient = new SNC.Notify.Client(notifyConfig);