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Rollback To Activity

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Rollback To Activity

When conditions in a workflow triggers a Rollback To activity, the workflow moves processing backward to a specified activity in the workflow and resets certain activities that have already executed back to their original state. This is useful when handling an unexpected failure or as part of a programmed logical flow.

When an activity is reset during a workflow rollback, the following happens:

  • Approvals are reset to Not Requested.
  • Tasks are reset to either Open or Pending. A rollback workflow path cannot create new tasks.

Activities that perform external system operations, such as deleting a file or sending an email, are not rolled back. Only approval and task activity states are reset.

A workflow can contain a single rollback, multiple rollbacks, or nested rollbacks in more complex workflows. The Rollback To activity resets activities based on the actual workflow sequence (transition line attachments) of activities between itself and the transitioned to activity, rather than using the execution order to determine where processing should restart.