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Input variable removal risk

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Input variable removal risk

An existing workflow already contains two input variables.

  1. The workflow was migrated to a production instance with the two variables.
  2. On a development instance, User A selects Update Set A and checks out the workflow.
  3. User A removes one input variable and all references to it in the workflow.

    The system enters into Update Set A one customer update record reflecting the deletion of the input variable. No record is added for the new workflow version which no longer depends on the input. This does not happen until the workflow is published.

  4. User A continues working on other features in Update Set A that need to be moved to production.
  5. User A completes Update Set A and migrates it to the production instance without publishing the workflow.

    The update set entry that deletes the workflow input variable now applies to the production instance. The prior version of the workflow is running on this instance and still references the missing variable.