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Workflow stages example

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Workflow stages example

To optimize the use of stages, you can assign a stage to multiple activities in a workflow.

For example, if your workflow uses the following activities to create tasks:
  1. Get approval
  2. Order equipment
  3. Receive equipment
  4. Add equipment to CMDB
  5. Set up equipment
  6. Install software
  7. Configure software
  8. Deliver to user
The following stages might be used:
  • Approval
  • Order
  • Configure
  • Deliver

A good practice is to assign stages to the activities as follows:

Table 1. Examples of stages added to workflow activities
Activity Assigned stage
Get approvalApproval
Order equipmentOrder
Receive equipmentOrder
Add equipment to CMDBOrder
Set up equipmentConfigure
Install software Configure
Configure softwareConfigure
Deliver to userDeliver

When the Order equipment, Receive equipment, or Add equipment to CMDB activity is active, the Stage display shows that the Order stage is In progress.