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Survey designer elements

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Survey designer elements

The survey designer is accessible from Survey > Survey Designer.

The survey designer contains controls, a header bar, and the design canvas.


To create a question, drag the appropriate data type control from the Controls palette and drop it onto the designer canvas.

Figure 1. Controls
Data type controls for questions
The assessment engine provides a built-in result calculation feature that converts responses to scored question data types to a score between 0 and 10.
Table 1. Question data types
Data type Scored Description
Attachment No Question with a Manage Attachments icon that allows users to attach one or more files.
Boolean Yes Question with a check box or Yes and No choices for user responses.
Choice Yes List of predefined options. For more information, see the definition of the Choices field in Create a question in the survey designer.
Date No Date field.
Date/Time No Date and time field.
Number No Number field with predefined minimum and maximum values. The default is 1-10.
Percentage No Percentage field with a prescribed range.
Scale Yes Predefined Likert scale. Answer options appear as radio buttons.
Numeric Scale Yes Selectable number scale. The default is 1-5. Answer options appear as radio buttons.
String No Single or multi-line text field.
Template Yes Choice list of templates that provide a predefined scale of options. For details, see Quiz scorecards.
Reference No Choice list of fields from a specified reference table. This data type does not support reference qualifiers.

For example, a user could select a user name if you specify sys_user as the reference table.

Header bar

The tabs on the header bar display views and a menu of functions.

Figure 2. Survey Designer header bar and menu
Survey Designer header bar
Click a tab to change the view on the canvas:
  • Design: Add and configure the properties of categories and questions. This is the default view.
  • Configuration: Create introductions and end notes for surveys and select a signature.
  • Availability: Select the recipients for each category in the survey.
Point to the menu icon (Menu icon) to select an option. The list of options depends on the currently open survey.
  • Save: Save the current survey.
  • Preview: Display a preview of the survey as it will appear to recipients.
  • Publish: Distribute the survey to the selected recipients.
  • Save and Publish: Save and distribute the survey in one step.
  • New Survey: Open a fresh canvas for a new survey.
  • Load Survey: View the list of existing surveys.

Design canvas

New surveys open in the canvas of the Design view. The survey Name field appears above first category in the canvas. A blank question field appears in the category container.

Figure 3. Initial appearance of the Survey Designer canvas
New survey question field