Monitor allocation to subscription applications

Use the Subscription Overview module to monitor how users and resources are allocated to subscriptions.

Before you begin

Role required: usage_admin or admin

About this task

  • Monitor how resources (for example, discovered nodes or password reset requests) use Capacity subscriptions.
  • Plan and budget for upcoming or future subscription needs.
  • Assess whether you have allocated too many fulfiller users to a subscription. You might de-allocate some users or purchase a subscription for more users.
  • Assess whether you have allocated too few fulfiller users to a subscription. You might allocate more users.


Navigate to Subscription Management > Subscription Overview to view the following reports and charts:
  • Expired Subscriptions report: A list of all subscriptions where the service contract term has expired (the end date has passed). You should assess whether to renew any subscription that has expired.
  • Year Trend reports: Line charts that show the purchased subscription level and how many users have been allocated. Each subscription appears in a separate chart. In this example, the organization has purchased an ITIL Fulfiller subscription for 200 fulfiller users and the subscription administrator has allocated 100 ITIL fulfiller users. Up to 100 more users can still be allocated.
Year Trend report for monitoring how subscriptions have been allocated