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Subscription Management setup guide

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Subscription Management setup guide

Because Subscription Management is active for all production instances by default, you do not need to activate a plugin. To set up Subscription Management, you assign the usage_admin role to the users who will administer subscriptions. The admins allocate users to appropriate subscriptions, monitor usage of applications (both by subscribed users and by users who are not subscribed), and update subscription levels as needed.

What to do

Assign the Usage Admins

Before you (the admin user) do anything else, assign the usage_admin role to the persons who will manage subscriptions for your organization.

Admin responsibilities and activities are described in the following sections.

View the list of your subscription applications

See View your subscriptions.

If your organization purchased Per-User subscriptions, the usage_admin allocates users
Note: You perform this task only for Per-User subscriptions. Your instance auto-allocates and reports on monthly usage for all other subscription types.

With a Per-User subscription, a specified number of users is entitled to use the application. You perform the following tasks:

  • Build user sets.
  • Allocate users to appropriate subscriptions.
  • Monitor whether you have allocated the right number of users.
  • Monitor and manage how users are allocated.

See Allocating users to a Per-User subscription.

What to do next

Day-to-day administration: Monitor and manage subscriptions

See Monitoring subscriptions