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List DNS C-records activity

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List DNS C-records activity

The List DNS C-records activity retrieves all canonical (CNAME) records from a specified Infoblox server.

The DNS activities use the REST Web Service activity designer template to manage DNS records using an Infoblox DDI Grid Server. These activities are configured to use a MID Server with REST capabilities.

To access this activity in the workflow editor, select the Custom tab, and then navigate to Custom Activities > Infoblox DDI > DNS.

Input variables

Table 1. List DNS C-records input variables
Variable Description
InfobloxServer Name of the Infoblox DDI Grid Server.
restCredentials The sys_id of the REST credentials from the ServiceNow instance.

Output variables

Table 2. List DNS C-records output variables
Variable Description
error Displays the message for any REST error encountered.
reference Reference value for a DNS CNAME record, such as: record:cname/
cannonicalName CNAME record.
name Name of the network option returned, such as domain-name-server.
view The assigned view of the DNS data. A given zone can have multiple views, which are accessed depending on the IP address of the source of the query. The default view of DNS data for this activity is the network view.


Table 3. List DNS C-records conditions
Variable Description
Success Activity successfully listed the DNS C records.
Failure Activity failed to list the DNS C records.