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Credential stores for Password Reset

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Credential stores for Password Reset

Credential stores hold user information, such as user names and passwords, that can be used as login credentials. Examples include the User [sys_user] table or an Active Directory server.

Users with the password_reset_admin or password_reset_credential_manager role can create and modify connections to credential stores.

Credential store types installed with the base system

A credential store type is a set of workflows that specify how to connect to a credential store. Navigate to Password Reset > Credential Stores to view the list of example credential stores that are based on the base-system types. The base system includes the following credential store types:

Name Description
Local ServiceNow Instance Represents the current (local) ServiceNow instance.
AD Credential Store Represents an Active Directory credential store. Installed with the Orchestration Add-on plugin.
Remote (SOAP) ServiceNow instance Represents a remote ServiceNow instance. Installed with the Orchestration Add-on plugin.

Remote credential stores

A remote credential store refers to any credential store other than the local ServiceNow instance. Remote credential stores, such as Active Directory, manage user names and passwords outside of the local instance. A remote credential store can also be a remote ServiceNow instance, a UNIX or Linux server, or any other directory-like service that relies on the SOAP protocol. The Password Reset Orchestration Add-on plugin is required to connect to remote credential stores. Review the information in the section on credential store types before you create, test, or delete credential stores.

Connection workflows for credential store types

A credential store type workflow requires a subflow that defines how to connect to the store, and can include an optional subflow that defines how to test the connection. Use the Pwd reset – AD and Pwd Reset - Local subflows as models for your custom connection workflows.

Figure 1. Pwd Reset Local sub workflow
Pwd Reset Local sub workflow
Figure 2. Pwd connection test local SN sub workflow
Pwd connection test local SN sub workflow

Creating a custom credential store type

You can use a credential store type as a model to create a custom type. See Create a credential store type for Password Reset.