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Configure basic encryption patterns

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Configure basic encryption patterns

You can build a pattern character by character.

Before you begin

In order to use encryption patterns, you must install and set up a proxy database in your network. This is the same database used for order-preserving encryption. In order to create or edit encryption patterns, you must be connected to the instance through the proxy.

Role required: security-admin

About this task

The input type defines how you are going to enter the pattern. It does not impact how the pattern is used. To enter a series of character types use the basic input type. To enter a Java RegEx expression use the advanced input type. To use one of the preconfigured patterns, edit one of the patterns on the Advanced Patterns list.


  1. Navigate to Edge Encryption Configuration > Encryption Patterns > Create New.
  2. Enter the pattern name.
  3. Create a pattern by clicking the Add button, and then selecting a character type.

    The Sample pattern shows what your pattern looks like as you add characters and specify the character type.

    You can use the New Block button to move the next character to the next line. This allows you to group characters in a long pattern.

    Click the X button to delete the last character in the pattern.

  4. Click Submit.