Edge Encryption general properties

The proxy configuration file contains properties that should not be changed under normal circumstances.

Table 1. Proxy configuration properties
Property Description
edgeencryption.config.poll.interval The poll interval in seconds. The default setting means that it takes 5 seconds for the proxy to learn of encryption configuration changes. Larger values cause the instance to take longer to detect an offline proxy.
Note: Do not change this property.
edgeencryption.rules.dir Folder where the encryption rules are stored on the proxy.
edgeencryption.encryption.order_preserving.cache.enable Whether caching is used to support order preserving encryption types.
edgeencryption.encryption.order_preserving.cache.size Maximum cache size, in bytes.
edgeencryption.jobs.concurrency Maximum number of mass encryption jobs that can run concurrently on this proxy.
edgeencryption.jobs.requests_per_second Number of http job requests per second that can be sent to the instance by this proxy.
edgeencryption.attachments.request.timeout.seconds Attachment upload request timeout in seconds.
edgeencryption.request.buffer.size If an encryption request is larger than this size, the excess is saved to disk. You should not change this number.
edgeencryption.register.retry.count Maximum number of times the proxy will ping the instance to try to register. The default is 0 (no limit).