Deprecated encryption properties

Some encryption properties are no longer needed, and have been deprecated.

Table 1. Deprecated proxy encryption properties
Property Description
edgeencryption.encrypter.default.key128 Specifies the name of the current AES 128 key. An AES 128 key must be available even if it is not used. Must be the same for all proxies.
edgeencryption.encrypter.default.key256 Specifies the name of the current AES 256 key. Must be the same for all proxies.
edgeencryption.encrypter.key Specifies the key name. This property is specified for each key. This name is used to specify the default keys. This is the key alias included as part of the metadata included with each encrypted item, which means that it is stored on the instance. The key name must use lowercase letters.
edgeencryption.encrypter.type Specifies the type of encryption key store system.
edgeencryption.encrypter.file Specifies the path and file name of the key's text file.
edgeencryption.encrypter.password Specifies the password for accessing the key store.