Roles installed with Legal Service Management

Legal Service Management adds the following roles.

Role title [name] Description
sn_sm_Legal_admin Legal administrator role has full control over all service management data. Also administers territories and skills, as needed.
sn_sm_Legal_agent Legal agent role can accept or reject a task. It is the one who performs the work on the site.
sn_sm_Legal_approver_user Legal approver role allows users to approve orders/requests.
sn_sm_Legal_basic Legal basic role can read and create service orders and follow up on those they created.
sn_sm_Legal_dispatcher Legal dispatcher role schedules and assigns the tasks to agents. They can be filtered by the group they manage.
sn_sm_Legal_initiator Legal initiator is similar to sm_basic but is also used to grant UI access.
sn_sm_Legal_read Legal read role can only read service orders.