Create or modify an HR system report type

You can add or modify a system report type using the HR Systems module.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic, or hr_manager

About this task


System report types can be viewed at HR - Systems > Systems Reports > Report Types.

Types of system reports include:
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • Operational
  • Trend Analysis
  • Other


  1. Navigate to HR - Systems > System Reports > Report Types.
    The HR Operations Report Types list opens.
  2. Click New to open a system report type record.
  3. Complete the form. (The fields you see on the form depend on how the form is configured and what fields are selected to display.)
    Table 1. HR Operations Report Type form
    Field Description
    Report type The kind of report to generate, such as, compliance or operational.
  4. Click Submit.
    The system report type is listed in the HR Operations Report Types list.
  5. To modify the system report type data, find the existing system report type in the HR Operations Report Types list.
    You can use the list search menu by typing the report type name and pressing Enter.
  6. Click the system report type to open the form.
    The HR Operations Report Type form opens displaying the report type.
  7. Modify the form.
  8. Click Update.