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Create a request with the Legacy Floor Plan Viewer

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Create a request with the Legacy Floor Plan Viewer

In addition to the standard way of creating facilities requests, users and facilities staff can create requests directly from the legacy floor plan viewer. Facilities agents can drag a marker to a space on the image-based floor plan to automatically create a request and associate it to that space. Agents can see all the requests associated with a floor, indicated by request icons shown on the floor plan.

Before you begin

Role required: facilities_admin

About this task

Note: Creating incidents from the floor plan requires that the floor plan image fit within the browser window. The X, Y coordinates cannot be properly calculated if the scroll bars are visible. Press control + or control - to resize the map.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > View Floor Plans.
  2. Select the building and floor from the choice lists to display the correct floor plan.
  3. Select the Show labels check box to display all of the room labels on the floor plan.
  4. Drag the new request icon (New request icon) to the closest (location icon) room marker indicating the location of the facilities request. You can only drop the request on an existing room marker. If you drop the request on an empty space, the request is automatically relocated to the nearest room marker.
    The Create New Facilities Request form opens.
    In this figure, the request form is open.
  5. Fill in the fields on the form.
    Table 1. Create new facilities request fields
    Field Description
    Number An auto-generated number that begins with FCR to identify the request record.
    Category The type of request you are creating.
    Room The room record associated with this request. Verify that the room is correct. If it is not, you can select another room record on any floor and in any building.
    Priority The priority that describes the importance of this request. By default, all requests are set to 4-Low.
    State The state that describes what work stage this request is in. By default, all requests are set to Open.
    Assignment group Select the group from which a facilities staff member is assigned to the request. You can select only Facilities type groups.
    Assigned to Select the facilities staff member to assign the request to. If you already selected an assignment group, you can only select facilities staff members who belong to that group. If email notifications are enabled on your instance, a built-in email notification automatically sends an email to this user when you save the facilities request record.
    Short description [Required] A brief summary of the request.
    Description A detailed description of the request. The description is always visible to the submitter. Therefore, if you add or modify the description for a request that another user submitted, the user is able to see the changes.
  6. Click Submit.
    Note: Room markers can have multiple requests associated with them. If you drag the request icon to a room marker that already has a request icon, another request is created for that location. The number of requests for each room marker is displayed within the request icon.