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Release notes for upgrade from Fuji to Helsinki

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Release notes for upgrade from Fuji to Helsinki

Before you upgrade from Fuji to Helsinki, read the release notes for information about new features, notable changes, and fixes to existing functionality.

New features and changes in Geneva and Helsinki

Each release family contains new functionality. Read to the release notes for details on the new features and changes in Geneva and Helsinki.

Patch and hot fix release notes

Patches and hot fixes contain security fixes as well as fixes for products and applications. These fixes are listed in each family's Available Versions.
Patch release notes are organized into three sections.
Release notes section Type of information
Security-related fixes Contains a KB article with details on the patch's fixed security bugs
Notable fixes Lists important fixed PRBs in the patch
Important: Examine the notable fixes in each patch and consider adding them to your upgrade testing plans. For information on how to test different instances during upgrades, refer to Testing throughout upgrades.
All other fixes Lists all other fixed PRBs in the patch

Upgrade instructions

After you have reviewed the release notes and patch information to understand all the changes that will be implemented in Helsinki, you can start upgrading your instance. For an overview of the upgrade process, release definitions, and upgrade testing, refer to Upgrade to Helsinki.

For a step-by-step guide through the upgrade process, refer to Upgrade your instance and the Upgrade planning checklist (Helsinki).