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Search by one or more columns in a list

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Search by one or more columns in a list

In addition to searching by field or for text, you can search by one or more individual columns in a UI16 or UI15 list.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Figure 1. Column search (List v2)
Column search

This search supports queries that include AND, but does not support OR. You cannot search in a column that uses the List field type, for example, watch lists.


  1. Click the search icon Search icon to expand the column headers and add a search field to each column.
  2. To search a single column, enter the search text in the desired column search field and press the Enter key.
    Use wildcards to further refine column searches. For example, use the * to define a contains search.
  3. To search multiple columns, perform one of the following actions.
    • Enter the search text in each of the desired column search fields and press the Enter key.
    • Search an individual column and then search additional columns based on the results of the first search.


The search returns records that match the search term.

What to do next

To clear a column search, complete one of the following actions.

  • Delete the text in the search field for the desired column and press the Enter key. This returns results for any remaining column search criteria.
  • Delete the text in all of the column search fields to return all records in the list.