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Create a company profile

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Create a company profile

To customize the ServiceNow® instance for your company, you can enter information such as contact phone numbers, street address, and additional notes. You can also customize the company logo and banner text your end users see at the top of each page.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Much of the company information that you enter is reference information that administrators can view. All users see the company logo and banner text. To see all company information, verify that you are in the My Company view.

Figure 1. My Company view selection
Select the My Company view


  1. Navigate to System Properties > My Company.
  2. To change the banner text, update the Banner text field.
  3. Select the Primary check box to indicate if this company is the primary company.
    If needed, configure the form to add the Primary check box. Designate only one company in your system as the primary company.
  4. To upload your company logo, complete one of the following steps for your version of the UI.
    UI16 Click Click to add or Update beside UI16 Banner Image.
    UI15 or UI11 Click Click to add or Update below the Banner image field.
    If you leave the banner image blank for either UI16 or UI15, the system uses the image used in System Properties > Basic Configuration > Banner image [glide.product.image] as the default.
  5. Click Choose file and select the file, and then click OK.
    To use an image URL instead of a file on your hard drive, enter the URL in the file upload window.
  6. Complete the form with remaining company information.
  7. Click Update.