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Google Maps setup

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Google Maps setup

Before using the Google Maps API, users may need to enter a Google license key in system properties, and configure other options.

You may need to obtain a Google Maps for Work license key to cover development use of the Google Maps API. See the Getting Started Guide on the Google web site for details on obtaining a key, using the API, and relevant terms of service.

When you receive your key, enter it in the System Properties > Google Maps property form, and configure your maps using the configuration options in this screen.

After you complete the configuration, you can create map pages or use the default pages included with the plugin. Map pages define what data is displayed on the map and the appearance of the links. When you have the map pages you need, you can create modules in your application navigator to display your maps.

For a tutorial on how to display all markers that link to your records, see the Display Map Markers on Google Maps blog post on the ServiceNow Community.