CSS properties

Some theming properties may be customized by navigating to System Properties > CSS.

Colors are specified using predefined color names, RGB decimals, or RGB hexadecimals. The following properties are available through CSS Properties.
  • Banner text color
  • Banner and list caption background color
  • Font used in forms and lists (this is a global font setting)
  • Base font size (UI11)
  • Button styles (background color, border color, border width, text color)
  • Field status indicator colors (including the indicators for Changed, Mandatory Populated, Mandatory Unpopulated, and Read-only)
  • List cell vertical alignment
  • Navigator menu styles (text font size, background color, text color)
  • Header font name and size
  • List and form caption color override
  • Global text search background color (both for catalog results and knowledge base results)