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Encryption Demo plugin

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Encryption Demo plugin

A demo plugin (com.snc.task_encryption.demo) is available which demonstrates how the encrypted fields and files behavior can be customized using Business Rules, UI Actions, and UI Policy.

The demo forces these forms to use only one security context per record. The first person to add encrypted information to a record "claims" the record for that context. A button is provided to change the context of the record to another one if the user has more than one context.

To try the demo on a demonstration system (not recommened for production instances since it modifies the task table among other things), activate the plugin com.snc.task_encryption.demo then add the "social security numbers", "credit cards", and "encryption context fields" to the incident form. If encryption contexts have not been created and allocated to users, follow the set up instructions above.

UI Action button Add Secure Info (actually two buttons) appears on records without encrypted data and ask which context to use (if the user has more than one) and unhide the social security numbers and credit card fields.

UI Action button Change Encryption appears on records that do have encrypted data for users with more than one context.

The business rule "Form Single Encryption Context" enforces the one context per form rule.

The business rule "Update on New Encrypted Attachment" causes the context of encrypted files to be noted on the corresponding owning record.

UI Policies show the encrypted fields as appropriate.