Find inactive LDAP accounts using the userAccountControl field

Identify when an Active Directory (AD) user is deleted (or made inactive).

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

One method is to track the active status of AD users and create a business rule to update corresponding accounts when an AD account is inactive.

To find and deactivate inactive user accounts:


  1. Create a new string field on the User [sys_user] table to track the value of the AD userAccountControl field. For example: u_ad_user_account.
  2. Create an LDAP transform script to set the field value.
    target.u_ad_user_account = source.userAccountControl
  3. Update the LDAP filter to show disabled AD accounts.
    Here is an example of a filter.

    Here is an example of a replacement filter you can use.

  4. Create an onChange business rule to set the active field to false whenever the u_ad_user_account field has the value 514.
    '514' indicates an inactive account.