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LDAP listener

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LDAP listener

A listener is a dedicated process that periodically searches for changes to users and groups on the LDAP server.

The listener can be deployed on a Microsoft Active Directory server that supports persistent queries (ADNotify), or on an LDAP server that supports persistent search request control (with OID 2.16.840.1.113730.3.4.3)

If the LDAP server supports a persistent search, the LDAP listener recognizes any user and group changes made to any of the applicable LDAP accounts and forwards them to your instance within approximately 10 seconds. This allows the instance to have a nearly real-time copy of your users' account details without having to wait for the next scheduled refresh. The LDAP listener can only synchronize objects that map to the User [sys_users] and Group [sys_user_group] tables.

Note: If a user is added via the listener, but the user does not meet the requirements as defined by the OU filter, then the instance ignores the record on the LDAP server. If it meets the criteria, the user is added to the instance.