Restore a deleted configuration record

You can use the app creator to restore deleted configuration records with related records and references.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Limitations for restoring configuration records include:
  • You cannot restore a record if its parent record is deleted. For example, you cannot restore a field on a deleted table. You must restore the parent record first.
  • When a record is deleted, the application file stores a reference to the current record version. You can only restore records when this reference and version record exist.

To restore a configuration record:


  1. Navigate to System Applications > Deleted Application Files.
  2. Locate the configuration record you want to restore. For example:
    • For an application, filter on Table name is Custom Application and look for the application name.

    • For a table, filter on Table name is Table and look for the table name.
    • For a field, filter on Table name is Dictionary Entry and look for the field name.
  3. Open the record.
  4. Review the related records and references that is restored with the selected record. These related lists display any applicable records.
    • Deleted Files - Descendants: configuration records that were deleted with the application, table, or field. For example, restoring a table also restores all the fields and labels that were deleted with the table.
    • Deleted Files - References: configuration records that referenced the record and were deleted because of a cascade delete rule.
    • Deleted Data: data records on audited tables that referenced the record and were deleted because of a cascade delete rule.
    • Cleared References: reference field values that were cleared in data and configuration records.
  5. Click Restore File.
  6. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.

    The record and all restorable related records and references are restored.