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Remember me login cookie

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Remember me login cookie

When you log on to the instance, you have the option to select the Remember me check box on the login screen, which stores a cookie on your browser.

This cookie contains information that the application server can use to authenticate your user credentials automatically the next time you visit the instance. For most users, this is a highly convenient feature.

In some deployments, however, it is desirable to have users authenticate with the system every time they connect. To support this, the system lets you disable the Remember me functionality by removing the corresponding check box (and its resultant cookie) from the login screen.

The default value for the Remember me check box can also be changed.

Property Property Default

Remove Remember me" checkbox from login page


Property disabled (Remember me check box is visible)

Default value of Remember me checkbox on login page

Property enabled (Remember me check box is selected)

You can also modify the session timeout, forcing users to reauthenticate if they do not continue interacting with the instance. Session timeout only works if the Remember me check box in the login screen is not selected.