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Delegate roles

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Delegate roles

To delegate specific roles to members of a group, navigate to User Administration > Delegate Roles in Group and fill out the form.

This module is available to users with the role_delegator role.

Figure 1. Role delegation
Table 1. Delegating Roles
Field Input Value
Group Select the group in which a member shall be delegated a role or roles. Any group can be selected, including groups that the role_delegator does not belong to or groups that the role_delegator does not manage.
User Select the member who shall be delegated roles in that group.
Roles to delegate Select the roles to delegate to the group member. The roles available for delegating are only the roles that the role_delegator has.

Upon submission, a change request is created for the delegation request. This change request is approved automatically, and the specified roles are granted to the named user in the group selected.

Delegated roles can be removed in the same form by reversing the process. Select the group and user, remove the unwanted roles from the Roles slushbucket, and then re-submit the request.