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Display information from other records

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Display information from other records

Administrators can display fields that are associated with another field.

For example, on the Incident form, the name of the submitter appears in the Caller field. You can configure the Incident form to show the caller's city. The city is derived from the User table using the value in the Caller field to determine which record is correct.

When you configure a form, the fields that have derived fields associated with them appear in green with the + symbol next to them. Click the field, and then click the expand icon to show the other associated fields that can be added to the form. The following example shows the derived fields, based on the Caller, that can be added to an Incident form.

Figure 1. Available table fields
Available fields

Choose the Caller field and click the expander icon.

Figure 2. Caller fields
Caller fields

Select the available fields associated with the Caller field.