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Create a transformation record

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Create a transformation record

Creating a transformation record is the first step in transforming a field.

  1. Activate the Field Normalization plugin.
  2. Navigate to Field Normalization > Configurations > Transformations.
  3. Click New.
  4. Create a transformation record.
    Field Description
    Name Unique name for this transformation record. This value is for reference only and is not used in any processing.
    Table Select the ServiceNow table containing the field being transformed. It is important to understand the table hierarchy when setting up a field transform. For example, if you configure transformation for a field in the Computer [cmdb_ci_computer] table, that field will be transformed for all workstation machines, Windows servers, Linux servers, and UNIX servers.
    Field Select the field to transform. The list presented contains only those field types (integer and string) from the table selected that can be transformed.
    Mode The three available modes are Off, Test, and Active. All transformation records are created in the test mode by default. Do not change the mode until you have thoroughly tested the transformation. When testing is complete, change the mode to Active. To disable this transformation, switch the mode to Off.
    Normalize query Select this check box to apply the field value transformed by this record to all queries involving this field. Queries issued with the raw (original) field value will be edited to use the transformation value.
    Raw field Select the field to use to display the original input (non-normalized) values on a form in which a field value has been normalized. For the selection to appear in the drop-down list, add a custom field to the form for the table selected. For instructions on adding a field for raw data, see Create a raw field.
  5. Click Submit.

    The Transforms and Data Jobs Related Lists appear on the form.