Integer values for default choice lists

Queries on choice list fields use the value, not the label.

Some common choice lists use integer values that do not match the string labels. For example, the Problem table uses these default values for the State field.

Table 1. State field default values
Value Label
1 Open
2 Known Error
3 Pending Change
4 Closed/Resolved

These integer values are also used in several default business rules. For example, a business rule on the Incident table sets the active flag to false when the State field changes to 7, which is the default value for the Closed. If you change the values of your Incident state options, this business rule may no longer behave as desired or expected.

On the Incident table, the Active, State, and Incident state fields are affected by the following default business rules.

Table 2. Default business rules
Business rule Description
mark_closed (incident) If the incident_state changes to 7 (Closed), the Active field is set to false
incident reopen (incident) If the incident_state is less than 7 (Closed) and the Active field is false, the Active field is set to true
mark closed (task) If the state changes to either 3 (Closed Complete) or 4 (Closed Incomplete), the Active field is set to false
task closer (task) If the Active flag changes from true to false and the state is neither 3 (Closed Complete) nor 4 (Closed Incomplete), the state is set to 3 (Closed Complete)
task reopener (task) If the Active field changes from false to true and the state is either 3 (Closed Complete) or 4 (Closed Incomplete), the state is set to 1 (Open)
Note: Notice that these business rules do not change incident_state based on a change to either the Active field or the State field. Changes to incident_state drive the other two fields, not the other way around.