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Export format processors

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Export format processors

The ServiceNow platform provides a default upper limit for XML data exports.

ServiceNow provides the following export format processors:

Table 1. Format processors
Export processor URL syntax Export limits Description
CSV ?CSV 10,000 rows Exports table records as a comma-separated value text file.
Excel ?EXCEL 10,000 rows Exports table records as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
XML ?XML 10,000 rows Exports table records as an XML document.
PDF ?PDF 5,000 rows Exports table records as a Portable Document Format file.
Schema ?SCHEMA N/A Exports the database schema for the table.
XSD ?XSD N/A Exports the table structure in XSD format.

See Export Limits for information about processor export limits and how to work around them if a table exceeds the export limit.

Note: Export processors return all requested records regardless of whether you use the or format to identify the export table.