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VPN setup

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VPN setup

From the time that a VPN request is submitted, it typically takes one week or less to complete the VPN build.

To support the redundancy requirements of your instance and your organization, a minimum of two and a maximum of four VPNs are provisioned (from the active site to your active site or the active site to your DR site, and so on).

It is good practice for the encryption domain to be as specific as possible. Ideally, the encryption domain would include only the specific hosts that are required for the integrations. A large encryption domain can create opportunities for routing discrepancies (VPN versus Internet).

To create the VPN, the instance does the following:

  • Provides the VPN peer and host addresses from each datacenter.
  • Builds the necessary VPN connectivity from two datacenters into your network. To support redundancy and disaster recovery (DR) requirements, the VPNs can be provisioned from two datacenters into two networks.

The instance does not support building multiple VPN tunnels into a customer network for the purpose of connecting to multiple geographic regions or subsidiaries. You should perform any inter-site routing, traffic distribution, or traffic shaping within your own internal network, rather than having multiple VPN tunnels.